Water ionized at pH 9 is considered to be slightly alkaline. It is therefore a very accessible hydrogen potential, ideal for initiating the benefits of alkaline ionized water. In addition, this pH level provides more oxygen and has higher antioxidant properties than ionized water at pH 8.5. Indeed, the redox potential (ORP) goes from -230 mV to -320 mV, which means that it further reduces the oxidation of your cells. Ideal for preventing premature aging of your body.

Find out why pH 9 is good for getting to know water ionizers and preventing certain health problems.

PH 8.5 and pH 9: a world of differences!

You may have understood there are a lot of differences between each pH level.

The pH chart is a logarithmic scale: when the water is ten times more alkaline, its pH increases by one unit. If it becomes 100 times more alkaline, its pH will increase by two units, and so on.

A pH of 7 corresponds to a neutral level. To give you an idea, the pH of your tap water is usually between 7 and 7,8. On the other hand, this same water is often oxidizing, hence the importance of having it filtered with an ionizer.

Thanks to electrolysis (water ionization), water becomes 80 times more effective in eliminating pathogens contained in chlorinated water, without any toxicity.

And the more alkaline the pH, the more effective it will be! However, it is necessary to go gradually and above all, to listen to your body. Some start with pH level 8.5, others with level 9 or 9.5.

Remember that ionized water at pH 11 and more should never be drink by humans.


The elderly, people with fragile health or children 3 years of age and older are among those who can enjoy filtered, invigorating, alkaline and antioxidant water. And Level 9 is ideal for doing it gradually!

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Aqualife offers a wide range of alkaline water ionizers, maximizing the level for all profiles and health goals. These devices can reach pH 10 or 11, depending on the model. And the level of water alkalinity is easily adjustable, via a touch-sensitive LCD screen.

  • The BW-6000 countertop ionizer
  • The BW-SM1 countertop ionizer
  • The NEC 901 / JAY 101 countertop ionizer
  • The JAY 201 countertop ionizer
  • The Revelation II under sink ionizer
  • The Rio under sink ionizer
  • The Lydia 8080 countertop ionizer
  • The AOK 909 portable ionizer


Other pH levels to try for your alkaline ionized water


The lowest possible level to enjoy the benefits of alkaline ionized water


For an increased level of energy and vitality! Ideal to wake up the athlete that lies in you.


A level often used for cooking or invigorating herbal life. Use it for coffe and tea.


Used to clean and remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables


Alkaline ionized water products designed for your reality!

For over 10 years, Aqualife has brought you the benefits of alkaline ionized water with a wide selection of ionizers, filters and pH testers.

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Alkaline mineral cup (pack of 3)

Alkaline mineral cup (pack of 3)

USD$ 55.19
Alkaline minerals cup for alkaline bottle flask
Bawell alkaline water ionizer pH 10, 5 plates, BW-SM1

Bawell alkaline water ionizer pH 10, 5 plates, BW-SM1

USD$ 1,099.40

The handy and convenient Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizer installs in less than 10 minutes on a standard faucet.

Functional design and superior technology.

The Bawell Water Ionizer is state-of-the-art and combines ease of use, durability and beauty. It helps to help improve your health in ways that you never thought possible to be possible ....

US and International Sales Only


Filter #2 for RIO water ionizer – EOS Hitech

USD$ 82.79
Filter #2 for RIO de EOS Hitech models Removal of every foreign substance and chlorine. These dynamic filters have been designed for improved water purification capabilities removing 99% of all contaminants. Infused with Silica minerals for anti-aging, detoxification, disease prevention

Bawell Filter for BW-SM1 or 1195 model- Regular replacement water ionizer filter

USD$ 60.71
*** For best performance, order the Advanced  Superior filter instead of this one , it is 10 times better for a small price difference .  For Bawell model BW-SM1 Active Nano-silver charcoal removes many volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pesticides and herbicides, *** For best performance, order the Advanced  Superior filter instead of this one , it is 10 times better for a small price difference .
Portable alkaline filter AOK-909

Portable alkaline filter AOK-909

USD$ 275.08
  • Converts ordinary water into delicious, healthy water
  • Impregnates drinking water with antioxidants, energy, minerals and other essential elements of water filters with 8 layers of filtration
  • Eliminates 99.99% of the bacteria in tap water
  • Removes dirt, limescale, pesticides, chlorine, smell of chlorine, fluorine, mercury, lead, copper, iron, aluminum, and other harmful chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants ordinary water
  • Softens ordinary tap water
  • Moisturizes the body by improving absorption

Hydrogen antioxidant water bottle AOK-808

USD$ 147.19

Main features of the Antioxidant  Hydrogen Water Bottle

  • Cup material:Eastman tritan
  • Cup material anti aging,hydrolysis resistance,high temperature resistance,resistance to fall,easy to clean
  • Material of the products do not contain plasticizers,safety and health
  • Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode,high efficiency electrolysis,long operating life
  • Hydrogen content 800ppb,negative potential -220
  • Using lithium batteries, long battery operation life
  • Electrolysis process without noise
After the end of the electrolysis automatically shut    

GENESIS 1 – counter top water ionizer (pH 10, 5 titanium plates) – EOS Hitech

USD$ 1,283.40


The Korean company EOS Hitech  is a global reference for water  ionizers. Just try one of their products to understand why.

TUV Certification ( High End Product)

Among the EOS Hitech ionizers available is the Genesis 1: a countertop water ionizer with full of health and wellness benefits. Choosing this model means opting for the high end at a low price!

5 titanium plates, covered with platinum, as well as 2 active charcoal filters, give Genesis1 the ability to effectively filter waste and toxins, such as chlorine, from your water. This can reach a pH of 10,   in addition of large level of molecular hydrogen (from 900 to 1100  ppb).

To top it all off, the Genesis 1 water ionizer installs in less than 10 minutes on any standard faucet. Not to mention its high-performance electrical transformer, which ensures you good electricity management.

And with more than 15 certifications, you can be assured of a reliable, stable and efficient ionizer. Take it everywhere to enjoy pure, invigorating and fully alkaline water at all times.



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Please note that Aqualife has not conducted a specific scientific study for the facts set out on this page. The information on the site is taken from the web. All information on this website is for reference and for academicpurposes only. Purified water (alkaline ionized or acidic) is not a treatment for a medical condition. If you have a medical problem, please consult a health care professional for specialized medical advice. Alkaline wateris simply purified and restructured from tap water (without chemicals or acid molecules). It does not contain any drug substances to cure your illnesses. Ionized water, such as fresh air or good food, helps your general health, but is not a substitute for medical treatment. See your doctor if you are in doubt.

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