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"Miracle-Free Healing" Book

Book : “A healing without a miracle”

CAD$ 25.00

- Émilie papillon -

Creative, dynamic and pianist of great sensitivity, Émilie understood that if our passions are put into action, they can help us move mountains.

It is thanks to an extensive bibliography and to its body so sensitive that it shows us that the human body is an essential tool for understanding our life path.

Healing itself is possible according to her. His testimony invites us to redefine the word "illness" 174 pages, 6x9 format

Book "Ion Miracle" by Jean-Yves Coté

Book “Ion Miracle” by Jean-Yves Coté

CAD$ 25.00
For an environment rich in negative ions. A large amount of negative ions in our environment improves physical performance ... Paperback, 92 pages.