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EOS Hitech NEC 901 / JAY 101 (pH 11, 9 plates)

NEC 901 / JAY 201 – alkaline water ionizer (pH 11, 9 titanium plates) – EOS Hitech

Original price was: USD$ 2,995.00.Current price is: USD$ 2,295.00.


The NEC 901 / JAY 201 countertop water ionizer, manufactured by EOS hitech, produces  alkaline ionized water  rich in molecular hydrogen  (1200 to 1450  ppb) and above all, highly revitalizing.

TUV Certification (High End product)

With high quality 9 titanium plates and double filtration with activated charcoal, the NEC 901 / JAY 101 is a high-end water ionizer, as efficient as it is esthetic. It removes all chlorine and otherharmful residue in water, which a single filter model cannot always accomplish. Indeed, several active layers of antibacterials are present in the filters, which guarantees pure and detoxified water every time.

The NEC 901/JAY 101's double 16 layers of filtration provides additional minerals to your water, in ion form. Consider calcium and magnesium, which are full of health and well-being benefits.

And what about its design ,that  makes it a sleek high-end model, which can easily match all countertops!

In addition, this counter water ionizer can be easily installed in less than 10 minutes without the need for the plumber or you can plug it directly to your cold tap water under your sink with a diverter (not included).


Learn more about this exceptional ionizer, which will meet many of your health goals.


Bawell BW-6000 alkaline water ionizer, 7 plates, double filtration (model 2195)

USD$ 2,195.00
**** FREE SHIPPING   **** This countertop water ionizer maximizes water flow (one gallon of water every 30 seconds) while minimizing complications. The result is a glass of pure, revitalizing water that promotes the health, well-being and detoxification of the body. Also take advantage of its other properties:
  • 4 different alkaline levels (to meet different needs)
  • 3 acidic levels
  • 1 pure water level
  • 29 different settings for water that suits you 100%
  • Digital and touch screen, LED light
  • Water flow control

GENESIS 1 – counter top water ionizer (pH 10, 5 titanium plates) – EOS Hitech

Original price was: USD$ 1,695.00.Current price is: USD$ 1,395.00.


The Korean company EOS Hitech  is a global reference for water  ionizers. Just try one of their products to understand why.

TUV Certification ( High End Product)

Among the EOS Hitech ionizers available is the Genesis 1: a countertop water ionizer with full of health and wellness benefits. Choosing this model means opting for the high end at a low price!

5 titanium plates, covered with platinum, as well as 2 active charcoal filters, give Genesis1 the ability to effectively filter waste and toxins, such as chlorine, from your water. This can reach a pH of 10,   in addition of large level of molecular hydrogen (from 900 to 1100  ppb).

To top it all off, the Genesis 1 water ionizer installs in less than 10 minutes on any standard faucet. Not to mention its high-performance electrical transformer, which ensures you good electricity management.

And with more than 15 certifications, you can be assured of a reliable, stable and efficient ionizer. Take it everywhere to enjoy pure, invigorating and fully alkaline water at all times.

Bawell alkaline water ionizer pH 10, 5 plates, BW-SM1

Bawell alkaline water ionizer pH 10, 5 plates, BW-SM1

Original price was: USD$ 1,395.00.Current price is: USD$ 1,195.00.

The handy and convenient Bawell Alkaline Water Ionizer installs in less than 10 minutes on a standard faucet.

Functional design and superior technology.

The Bawell Water Ionizer is state-of-the-art and combines ease of use, durability and beauty. It helps to help improve your health in ways that you never thought possible to be possible ....

US and International Sales Only

LYDIA 8080 – Counter top alkaline water ionizer pH 10+, 5 plates

USD$ 1,195.00
**** This modele was replace by the GENESIS 1 **** Region of MONTREAL, QUEBEC, GATINEAU The Lydia 8080 alkaline water ionizer is one of the best counter ionizers with ph 10+, 5 titanium plates and double activated carbon filtration.
Installs in less than 10 minutes on a standard kitchen faucet without a plumber.
Modern and Zen design. TUV certification, superior quality. Ionizer high-end.