The under sink water ionizer is the ultimate choice for lovers of high-end, durable and sleek products.

Compatible with all types of sinks and custom built for kitchen islands, the under sink ionizer requires little maintenance and doesn’t even require you to open your kitchen faucet to be used! Thus, this type of ionizer minimizes the number of steps needed to pour you a good glass of alkaline ionized water.

The under sink ionizer can reach a pH of 11, not only does the under sink ionizer allow you to drink pure, invigorating water, it can also remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables. In a word, it is a versatile device, which is perfectly paired with several health profiles. And to top it all off, its level of maintenance is identical to a water ionizer on the counter .

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The Revelation II of the EOS Hitech brand is a TUV-certified under sink ionizer with a 16 layers double filter. And its 9 titanium plates provide you with an ultra-efficient electrolysis process for your alkaline ionized water.

Installed in less than 45 minutes, the REVELATION II is an example of efficiency and simplicity. Its color LCD screen allows you to control the pH level of your water from a simple touch. In addition, its sleek design is a sure bet for all types of kitchens.


Enjoy the same benefits as the REVELATION II, but with a brand new design faucet, designed for lovers of ergonomics and esthetics. Here is the RIO, now available at Aqualife.

How do you maintain your under sink water ionizer?

“Simple as hello”: this is the best way to describe the maintenance of a under sink ionizer.

Only 3 small basic operations are enough to maximize the performance of your ionizer:

    1. Once a day, be sure to run strong acidic water for about 2 minutes. This allows the device’s plates to be cleaned properly to ensures an optimal level of performance.
    2. At least once a year, it is recommended that your ionizer’s electrodes be re-descaled. Just use a citric acid cartridge to do it in a fully effective way.
    3. The lifespan of the filters is shown on the ionizer screen. When the time is right to change them, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper replacement.

How to install your under sink water ionizer?

As it is installed under the sink and it is necessary to manipulate its line of cold water to properly set it up, the expertise of a plumber may be required for the installation of this type of ionizer.

However, the most resourceful of you can install it themselves, following the instructions provided with the device. It takes about 45 minutes to get there.

Here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Spot the electrical socket under your sink. 
  2. Provide an diverter for cold water (not included with the device and available right here ).
  3. Install the diverter on your cold water line.
  4. Install the entry hose into the ionizer. 
  5. Drill a hole about 1 inch and 3/8 in the countertop.
  6. Install the ionizer faucet.
  7. Plug the two pipes into the faucet.


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Please note that Aqualife has not conducted a specific scientific study for the facts set out on this page. The information on the site is taken from the web. All information on this website is for reference and for academic purposes only. Purified water (alkaline ionized or acidic) is not a treatment for a medical condition. If you have a medical problem, please consult a health care professional for specialized medical advice. Alkaline wateris simply purified and restructured from tap water (without chemicals or acid molecules). It does not contain any drug substances to cure your illnesses. Ionized water, such as fresh air or good food, helps your general health, but is not a substitute for medical treatment. See your doctor if you have any doubt.

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