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    Since 2009, at Aqualife, we have been the experts in alkaline ionized water in Quebec, Canada and North America. We offer high-end products and consulting services to help individuals improve their state of health and well-being.

    We educate and advise individuals on the benefits of ionizers to offer you invigorating and clean water, free of any toxicity.


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    We have answers to all your questions about ionizers and alkaline ionized water.

    • How do I install my water ionizer?
    • How do I maintain my water ionizer?
    • What guarantees are available?
    • What is alkaline ionized water?
    • What are the different types of ionizers available?
    • How often should I exchange my ionizer’s filters?
    • Which ionizer to choose for my needs and how to install it?
    • Is alkaline ionized water right for me?
    • Can I make my children drink it?
    • Should I see my doctor?
    • What is the best pH level for me?
    • What pH level should I not exceed?
    • What are the right minerals to keep in tap water?
    • Why is it beneficial to filter tap water?

    Ask us all your questions about ionizers and alkaline ionized water. Toll-free number: 1-855-320-AQUA (1-855-320-2782)

    AQUALIFE is the distributor of alkaline water ionizers for Canada and the United States.

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