A countertop water ionizer can be install in 10 minutes with a standard faucet adapter included in the box.  Under sink model are connected directly to the cold tap water under the sink with a T-valve (diverter) in about 30-45 min. This adapter (diverter) of water line under sink is available in the products section. *** The countertop ionizers can also be connect directly under your sink on your cold tap water. this procedure reduce the step of using your ionizers. This is possible with a diverter available in the shop.

Our ionizers have TUV certification which is a high standard for the quality of the interior components of ionizers. Our ionizers are guaranteed for 1 year (parts and labor) here in Quebec. We have had no feedback on our ionizers for over 8 years, they are high-end ionizers. You do not have to return the ionizer to other countries and lose it for 8 weeks when repairing ionizers from resellers of other companies. Beware of long warranties or lifetime warranties, read the fine print and often parts that touch the water are not guaranteed. Extended warranty from other companies is charged to you in price, which is why ionizers from other companies are +/- $ 500 more expensive.

Ionizers have filters that need to be changed regularly. Even if the filters are good for 3000, 4000 or 8000 liters, it is strongly recommended to change them every year to protect the electrolysis chamber. (3000 liters or 1 year: the first to arrive between the 2). In addition, it is recommended to use strong acid water for 1 or 2 minutes every day. This makes it possible to descale the electrolysis chamber.

The minerals retained by electrolysis are: potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron if they are present in tap water of course. Minerals can vary depending on city water.

The first step in an ionizer is filtration. Filtration removes large molecules from city water such as chlorine, heavy metals, radon, drugs, pesticides etc …… small minerals in ionic form are kept.

Each person is different and you have to listen to your body. Never exceed pH 10. It is not a goal to reach pH 10. A good detox should be 6 glasses of water a day at pH 9.0 or pH 9.5.

Aqualife has not carried out any specific scientific study for the facts stated on these pages. The information conveyed on the site is taken from the Web. All information on this website is for reference and educational purposes only. Purified water (ionized alkaline or acidic) is not a treatment for a medical condition. If you have a medical problem, please consult a health care practitioner for specialized medical advice. Alkaline water is simply purified and restructured from tap water (without chemicals or acid molecules). It does not contain drugs to cure your illnesses. Ionized water, like fresh air or good food, helps your general health, but is not a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult your doctor if in doubt.

It is strongly recommended to change them every year to protect the electrolysis chamber.


As we are the specialist in alkaline ionized water, it is always a good idea to know which models would best suit your needs. Ask us your questions, we will find the right models for you: : 1-855-320-2782 (AQUA)

There are no delivery charges on alkaline water ionizers. For the rest of the products, the delivery costs are calculated when filling in your address and postal code in the order basket.

We do business with Canada Post for fast, reliable and secure deliveries.

The free installation is available for 9-plate ionizers for major cities in Quebec and the surrounding area (call us to check if you are eligible 514-926-1613). For other locations and 5-plate ionizers, the installation is available with travel costs depending on the distance. All our facilities include a course on your ionizer for use to its full potential and tests of pH, orp and on micro-clusters of water molecules.

Normally for different products including ionizers, the delivery time varies from 2 days to 10 days for Canada and the United States. For Europe and South America and other countries, the delivery time can vary from 21 days to 60 days depending on the delivery method you choose.

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