Aqualife also offers inspiring and informative books on health and ionized water.


To help you take charge of your health

In addition to bringing you the benefits of water ionizers and alkaline ionized water and hydrogenated water, Aqualife gives you access to inspiring and informative content about health, well-being and healthy lifestyles.

It is precisely for this reason that you can obtain 2 informative books that help you learn more about:

  • Human health
  • The alkalinity of the body
  • The Importance of Negative Ions
  • Taking charge of one’s destiny
  • The development of the human being
  • And many other interesting topics!

 These books provide you with a typical backgrounds and additional information to help you achieve your own health and wellness goals.

Learn more about these two challenging and interesting books. Who knows, maybe they will change your perceptions!

Book “Ion Miracle” by Jean-Yves Coté

USD$ 23.00
For an environment rich in negative ions. A large amount of negative ions in our environment improves physical performance ... Paperback, 92 pages.

Book : “A healing without a miracle”

USD$ 23.00

- Émilie papillon -

Creative, dynamic and pianist of great sensitivity, Émilie understood that if our passions are put into action, they can help us move mountains.

It is thanks to an extensive bibliography and to its body so sensitive that it shows us that the human body is an essential tool for understanding our life path.

Healing itself is possible according to her. His testimony invites us to redefine the word "illness" 174 pages, 6x9 format

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"Miracle-Free Healing" Book


    • Author: Emilie Papillon
    • 174 pages
    • Format: 6 x 9
    • Language: French
    • First Chance Editions

In her book “A Cure Without A Miracle,” Émilie Papillon invites you to redefine your notion of the word “disease.” Creative, sensitive and pianist of great talent, the young woman tells us her story and her journey, without any pretence.

After nearly dying in a car accident, Emilie had to fight multiple sclerosis. And it was during this ordeal that she was pushed to question everything she thought she knew about health and the humanbody.

During her reflection, she realized how the mind had a direct influence on the body.

“A cure without a miracle” is the result of this whole journey. As you read it, you too will be invited to develop your owninsights on various topics, such as:

  • Personal valuation
  • Openness and the will to act
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Sustained efforts to take charge of your health


  • Author: Jean-Yves Côté
  • 92 pages
  • Pocket format
  • Languages: French, English
  • Quebec Network Publishing Inc.

Why are negative ions in alkaline ionized water important for health? The book “Ion Miracle” helps you to answer this question clearly.

In particular, this scientific work highlights how the negative ions around us can have a positive effect on:

    • Asthma
    • Hyperactivity
    • Learning
    • The quality of sleep
    • Lung allergies
    • Physical performance
    • Concentration at work
    • Sexual performance

Thus, the antioxidant power of negative ions is beneficial both mentally and physically. A great way to discover the importance of water ionizers in achieving your health goals!

As the pages go by, you’ll discover that:

    • Negative ions greatly benefit burn victims to relieve their pain.
    • Athletes operating in an environment enriched with negative ions tend to make faster progress.
    • A negative ion generator in a car allows the driver to get tired less quickly and to have better reflexes.
    • Negative ions can regulate menstrual cycles
    • Microbes die from negative ions.
Book "Ion Miracle" by Jean-Yves Coté

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In addition to these 2 inspiring books, Aqualife gives you access to several products and accessories to help you take charge of your health:


The content of the books “A Healing Without Miracles” and “Ion Miracle” complements the valuable knowledge Aqualife inspires in its customers.

Since 2009, we have been introducing individuals around the world to the power that al-caline ionized water can do on their health. Want to learn more about this topic? So get the books or contact our team.



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