8 reasons to drink alkaline ionized water

  1. A water ionizer allows you to eliminate the lactic acid of muscles 4 times more quickly after a workout that the tap water or bottled water.
  2. Save up to $ 400 of water bottle per year. Ionizer alkaline water eliminates 95% of toxins and pollutants from the water and provides you with a water safer and more healthy that you will not find anywhere elsewhere.
  3. A water ionizer removed the harmful acids and toxins accumulated in your cells, and helps your body to combat the process of premature aging.
  4. Ionized water dissolves the nutrients and minerals more thoroughly than ordinary water, so that it is easier for the cells in your body to absorb, leading to better health.
  5. A water ionizer provides more oxygen to the cells, which allows you to vitalize your body. This helps your body to heal more quickly and to remain in good health.
  6. Water with ions created micro clusters which helps in the enzymatic degradation of food and makes it easier for the body to digest and allows a better absorption of nutrients. This water will help your body to absorb 30% more nutrients that the tap water or bottled water.
  7. A water ionizer naturally creates antioxidants in the water to neutralize the active oxygen (free radicals), which accumulate in the cells. THE ionized water helps to eliminate the acidity of the body which is responsible for a countless number of diseases.
  8. The cooked food with alkaline ionized water have a better taste because water with ions dissolved the acid content in the food.

ionisée alcaline